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Research on solar energy materials and solar cells is a fast growing interdisciplinary area of science and technology today. During the past many years, physicists, chemists, material scientists, engineers and industry personnel have focused their attention to develop novel materials for highly efficient and low cost solar cells and PV devices. There are also significant developments in solar photovoltaic and solar thermal applications. Scientists and technologists in Asian countries continue to make notable contributions to these developments.

The SOLAR ASIA - 2018 conference will provide a forum for researchers from Asia and other countries to present their research, to get exposed to latest developments in solar cell technologies and to network with other research scientists. This is also an excellent opportunity for the industry to showcase latest commercially available research equipment, solar energy products and related technologies.


SOLAR ASIA - 2018 international conference will cover research and development of solar energy materials, solar cell structures and solar energy applications.

Different types of solar cells:

  • Silicon (monocrystalline Silicon, polycrystalline Silicon, amorphous Silicon)
  • Cadmium Telluride
  • Copper-Indium diselenide (CIS)
  • III-V thin films
  • Perovskites and Kesterites
  • Dye-sensitized, Photoelectrochemical, Organic/polymer
  • Quantum dot solar cells

    Solar energy conversion and associated applications:

  • PV modules and components of PV systems
  • Building integrated PV (BIPV), Smart windows
  • Inverters/power electronics
  • Smart grid, LEDs
  • Light control systems for energy efficient architecture
  • Solar energy concentrating systems, Solar hydrogen
  • Solar energy storage systems
  • Rechargeable batteries for energy storage
  • Solar powered desalination, refrigeration & air conditioning
  • Solar thermal applications


    Scientists, technologists and postgraduate students involved in research on solar energy materials and solar cells, R&D personnel and entrepreneurs; Manufacturers of solar cells, PV modules and solar thermal products, are invited to participate.


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